SKCN is one of the best nursing institutions in Bangalore. The best thing about SKCN is the atmosphere, the teachers and the academics and this institute focuses on students future life. I am bliss that I am part of this marvelous institution.
- Aswin Santhosh - Kerala

Glad to study in this institute. Our college has excellent faculty and magneficient infrastructure. Preference is been given for both curricular and co curricular activities. The institute has set of high achieving students.
-SMuhammed Suhail M.P. - Kerala

I heartly feel that this college is precious, As per my experience, I feel it is one of the wonderful nursing colleges in Bangalore.
-Shilpa Thankachan - Kerala

I am happy to be the part of an exquisite college which renders innovative experience in clinicals, academics and culturals.
-Priyanka Rajbanshi

I feel really wonderful to be in this college as all the things that we need we found in here.
-Kumuda .G – Karnataka

Before joining to this college, I was in dilemma to select the college, but now I feel, I took the right decision in choosing this college.
-Revanthkumar B.C. – Karnataka

This college is the best institution with well experienced and qualified teachers.
-Shashidhara K.A. - Karnataka

This is an elegant institution with all amenities what students need
-Laishram Surjalata Devi – Manipur

I am proud to be the part of this college. Plus point of the college is arrangement of educational tours.
-Monika Das – West Bengal

I am so happy to be here, it has given me a huge platform to exhibit my talent in the field of sports and culturals.
-Pratibha Khadka – Nepal

A college with qualified and well experienced teaching faculty. Oh god! I am so happy to be one of the students in this esteemed institution.
-Tark Aku – Arunachal Pradesh

Teachers are friendly, they guide students well and our college has well equipped library too.
-Sonam Peldon – Bhutan

I am so glad to study here, my desires have found its way in here. Thank you SKCN.
-Phuntsho Choden - Bhutan

I have had the best time of my life here and still. Best part of my college is the teachers, may be because of them I have never felt home sick.
-Saleh Hussaina Adeh - Nigeria

SKCN is the best nursing college which is maintaining discipline in academics and teachers are too good to extract the knowledge and skill from students.
-Nithya .N

Our college is awesome, it has all a college wanted.
-Vishnu V.P.

SKCN is the best college for the students who want to achieve their goal, good clinical experience is given at best parent hospitals like BGS hospital and GIMS hospital.
-Reena Majhi

I am proud to be the part of SKCN. It has well equipped labs, classes with CCTV, library with current editioned books and round the clock net facility.
-Muna Khawas

Happy to be a part of SKCN students could avail better Jobs after their studies as SKCN provides campus interview.
-Athira K.K.

SKCN has better lab facilities and well experienced teachers.
-Sonee gupta

Here, students are getting opportunity to get guided under well experienced teachers. Great thing about the college is the best parent hospital.

The best college with the best hostel facility. Our college has transportation and well equipped library at its best.
-Athira C.P.

SKCN is the best college for nursing. The college provides best education.
-Sujitha Chaudary

Teaching, discipline and administration are at best in our college. Glad being a part of it.
-Srijana Chaudary

I feel proud of myself for selecting this college. SKCN provides best academic and clinical guidance. In my point of view SKCN is the best college for bright future.
-Dipti khadka

SKCN is one of the best nursing Institutions as it has finest of everything.
-Suman Singh

A great feel in this college and an incredible experience. I am sure once u get into the institute, you will be certainly delivered with enriching academics, flourishing friendships and abounding happiness.
-Sameeksha Thapa